Sunday, September 14, 2014

Maya is Turning 8!

My sweet angel baby. . .

. . . is still my sweet angel baby -- but now she's turning eight!

I took her to the Houston LDS Temple to take some pictures of her in her beautiful white baptism dress.  Looking at these pictures brings tears to my eyes.  She is an angel not only in appearance, but her personality has always been one of compassion, kindness, and always looking to help others.  Here are a few more pictures from the photo shoot.  She was patient with me as I snapped away for a long time in the hot, humid weather.

She hopped and skipped around for awhile.  It threatened thunderstorms all day, so I went a little early.  It ended up being too hot.  We had to take a dinner break and return closer to sunset.

I made her necklace literally 15 minutes before we left.  I followed this tutorial here from Simply Modern Mom blog.   It was so simple yet elegant.  I bought the pink beads at Michaels for 99¢ and some ribbon.

After we returned from dinner the sun was lower and the light was so much softer.  It made a big difference.

Quite a lot of silliness from her, but I love her for it.

Eight is great, sweetie!  I'm so proud of your decision to be baptized into the church.  I love you clear past the sky!

She was excited to "actually touch the temple."  One day that will seem so soon to me, she will get to go inside and be married; but for now, she is still my angel through all eternity.

Friends and family are invited to her baptism.  We'd love to see you there!


Mary Keddington said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm so excited for Maya. She was such a doll at the wedding and such an eager, good helper. What a wonderful choice for her to make!

Hilary said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful pictures. You do such a good job of capturing special times.

Nicc said...

Gorgeous pics! We are so excited to come see you and be there for her big weekend. We can't stand the wait!!!

merathon said...

these pictures are amazing. so excited for your big family weekend!

Deb said...

We love Maya so much! Those photos are beautiful! She truly is beautiful inside and out. We're sad to miss this special day, but know we are thinking of her! xo

Cath said...

Gorgeous photos Shirlee. Love that sweet girl! xo