Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Librarian Tribute and August 1-15

Here's a look at the first half of August.  I am not only working to complete my family digital album for 2013, but I also update the kids regular albums as I go.  I feel so behind, but in reality, I guess not too much so.  But truly, trying to remember the details of last August!?

I love how these pages turned out.  Teaching your child to read is so rewarding, and to see Ethen start his journey is fun, and I love that Maya has a growing passion for it.  I have just as much fun finding new books for her as she does.  I'm trying to let her do it on her own, but working in her library gives me so many ideas!

On a somber note, her librarian, Marty Linder, passed away last week.  Suddenly.  No reason.  Gone.  At 47.

I worked with her each week for the past two years as I volunteered in the library.  She left a huge impression on me, as each time I would hear her teach the kids, I would think, "Man, these kids are so lucky.  This librarian is fantastic!"  I wished I could have had such a passionate teacher when I was young.

But truly, what I loved about her was that she knew the name of every. single. kid.  And complimented each of them frequently.  Heck, she complimented me frequently!  Just one of the best women I've had the privilege to meet.

To hear of her passing was sad news.  She was a single, widowed mother of 3 boys.  I attended the funeral in her local Baptist church, and found such comfort and solace by the tribute they gave her.  I truly wasn't the only one who recognized what a Christlike lady she was.  The massive church was filled, even the balcony.  Each of her sons spoke.  I learned that her family is strong and the boys have great grandparents.

The music was super uplifting, and everyone just had positive memories to share.  Truly, she was one who will be missed, but heaven is rejoicing her return.  Love you, Marty!  Thanks for giving part of yourself to Maya and me.

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Cath said...

This is a tender story Shir. What a sweet lady to know. And I'm so sorry Ethan has scarlet fever! And yes, so glad we live now. Not then. Praying for a quick recovery. Love you guys!