Sunday, September 22, 2013

Organizational Projects

So we've lived in our home for a year now.  I'm feeling the need to organize find a place for everything.  The laundry room had a lot of unused space.  I wanted to hang shelves, but upon closer inspection, the studs weren't in the right place, nor were they the same width apart, which made hanging a nightmare.  After researching so many options, none of which were going to work with all the weird measurements, I was relieved to find how easy and affordable the Elfa shelving components were (available at The Container Store.)  The whole thing is held up with only 5 screws.

First I painted the wall Herbal Mist, a fresh, clean laundry color. The wall is heavily textured, but I thought I did quite well despite the bumps.  Not bad for my first try.  My dad would be proud.

I really wish I would have taken a before picture, but I was able to get all the kids crafts sorted into boxes by holiday, and have a little place for other crafting things and still have room for the laundry room stuff.

I made the Keep Calm and Carry On print in Photoshop (an idea I saw on Pinterest) and just had it printed on photo paper.  The boxes are from Ikea, the Color Outside the Lines print I got at Hobby Lobby, and the buckets and tiered organizer came from Target.

My next project was Ethen's Legos.  He has decided now that taking apart and building new things is the way to play.  I suppose that keeping them intact couldn't last forever, but I needed a quick system of sorting that he could do himself.   I scoured Pinterest for Lego storage ideas.  Lots of them have them sorted by color.  That was way too time intensive for me.  I needed something quick and easy for Ethen.

I opted for small buckets using the Ikea Trofast storage shelf.  Super easy.  I have them sorted by theme and color right now but know that soon enough they will all be mixed together.  That's okay, as long as he can throw them back in his buckets and get them off the floor in just a few minutes is all that matters to me.

I'm gonna glue down the gray Lego base on top I think.  Perhaps I'll get another to go side by side, but I'm finding this system is working.

I have a few of his Star Wars Legos on display and finally got the planets hung with some Command Strip hooks.  He can still unhook the planets to play, but they are hanging and providing more room for the ships below.

Next I'm gonna tackle some vinyl projects....

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