Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eye Boogers

So me and this little one have been home together this past week.  He's been sick with a cold and an ear infection.  I have a cold also, and Maya is showing signs as well.  The energy of this one never ceases to amaze.  He is jumping on the couch while I'm choosing to lay on it.

I've been borrowing a friend's camera to take a camera class.  I've been learning to shoot in manual.  I am loving what I'm learning.  So glad I was able to catch those eye boogers.  Priceless memories, ya?


Cath said...

Boo for eye boogers and the sickies. We've had a long week of throw-ups and runs. Even Doug is down today. But Yay for shooting on manual. You go girl!! Next gift? You ask Dave for a nice camera. xo

Deb said...

I hate being sick...especially when your kids are sick too. Sorry!!