Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Lone Ranger

Dave and I haven't been to a Halloween party in awhile.  He usually works late on that night and throws something together last minute.  I had a Lord of the Rings outfit ordered and on its way.   After pestering him again to choose an outfit, he said he was going to be the Lone Ranger.  Weird choice, I thought.  Then he said, "Have you seen they are re-making a movie of it?"  Nope, hadn't heard that.

View the trailer here.

When I got my Lord of the Rings costume, and it didn't fit well, I decided to join my husband and become another dynamic duo.

We were a little ahead of the times.  No one recognized our costumes.   Johnnny Depp as Tonto, people.

I guess they will come next July.

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The McIntire Family said...

I knew about this movie. They filmed a lot of it in Utah and were looking for extras--unfortanetly I'm not in the Native American category they were looking for-I would have loved to work alongside Johnny Depp.