Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quote of the Day

The kids have been full of words of wisdom these days.  Here are a few I managed to record:

Maya:  "Ethen, making a picture for someone who is sick is better than watching tv.  So . . . focus on your picture."

Ethen:  "Focus on the picture?  What does focus on the picture mean?"

Maya:  "It means keep your eyes off the tv and start drawing."


Maya:   "Ethen, what's the Golden Rule?"
Ethen:  [blank stare]
Maya:  "No more eating Pez from Maya."

Maya:   "Don't start without me Mom!!  You know how much I love cleaning the toilets!!"

**Seriously, I don't make this stuff up.**


Ethen:  "Big boys are allergic to hard work."  (He was referring to himself as the big boy.)


Maya:  [During her prayer]  "Bless that mommy will eat her healthy food before her chocolate..."


Maya:  (When I "accidentally" threw away some of her school art work and had to fish it out of the garbage...)  "It's okay, Mom, you gotta just think through your brain."



Cath said...

These are hilarious!!! So glad you're writing them down!

Becca said...

That is SO funny. I ought to write more things down too. Way to go!

Sharla said...

So funny! And I can just imagine their cute little voices saying them. :)

Rachel said...

Haha! Maya is such a crack up. I miss your kids!