Tuesday, April 10, 2012

James Bond Island

The kids were swarmed by a bunch of students when we got to the beach. They were swept up and kissed. They just wanted to play in the water, but always found themselves with a new friend.  We whisked them away when someone wanted them to pose with their nude boy.

This little girl wasn't too happy when Ethen threw a rock and it splashed right up in her face. That's what she gets for being so close!

And I even saw James Bond there! Seriously, Dave, how can you NOT notice that man when you're snapping my photo?!

This video makes me laugh. Do try and focus on the scenery, not the crazies on the island. Every direction I turned was someone funny. I love Maya getting in the way of James Bond's sexy shot.


Sharla said...

Looks so amazing, Shir. And... you are SO patient with all the crazies who swarm your rock-star kids wherever you go!! :) Miss you!

Valina said...

I don't know how you put up with all the people touching your kids. I would have a hard time! I agree with Sharla, you must be so patient!

Becca said...

Yeah, so what is the deal with the kids being photo stars? What is it about the people that they want to pose with your kids? I mean, I know they are stinking cute, but that can't be it, is it?