Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today Show

When we got back from Thailand, we noticed a new tent in the park (in the foreground) and wondered what was going on. There was a huge satellite dish set up as well.

About 8 hours prior to show time, I got an email explaining that Matt Lauer would be in the park shooting his segment of "Where in the World?" in Kuala Lumpur.

We watched out the window as they set up and got ready, and when the time was right, Maya and I staked out our place behind the red tape that said, "Shooting in progress."

It was late. It was hot. And it was muggy. Maya was tired, but she waited with me while they shot several segments, dancing, food, etc. Then they came to the crowd and said, "Everyone with a sign, come forward." Mad rush. That ruined our perfectly positioned camera shot (sorry friends). So we lingered only slightly longer before heading home and putting Maya to bed (much too late).

To watch the entire show, go here. Since no flash photography was allowed, all I got was this lousy shot of Matt.

He was eating the nasty durian fruit. We could smell it from where we were 50-75 feet away.


Valina said...

We watched that! I was searching the crowd wondering if you were there. I told Rob that you lived close by there, I recognized the towers in the background. Pretty cool!

Becca said...

We watched for you. Too bad those pushy sign holders got in your way. Cool segment though. Love you guys! What adventures.