Friday, August 19, 2011

Maya's First Week of Kindergarten

She's an old pro. Maya's first week of Kindergarten was cake. She had no trouble getting on the bus and waving goodbye. I didn't have any anxiety for sending her. Ethen is the one getting the short end of the deal. He runs to her when she comes home and says, "Maya's home!" and gives her a big hug.

Fast Forward: We are now two weeks into the school year. The only mishaps have been falling down while she was line leader (oh no, do I have a "Sharla" on my hands?) and writing her J backwards. She's lovin' it and so am I.

Next week we start into piano lessons, ballet, Glee club, Dance Fusion, and swimming. I'm finally feeling like life is going to be a little bit normal.

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Sharla said...

hey.... okay - I guess I'll take it! Maya looks adorable and SO old!! Just so ya know... once you start all the fun activities it NEVER slows down. (unless it does when they go to college?)

Miss you tons! And how cool is the Becky Higgins gig!! Congrats!