Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy National Scrapbook Day

In honor of the day I'm posting some recent pages. I hope to spend the day scrapbooking a bit, but we'll see what it brings.

This page is good ole paper/scissors. So simple. So classic. So easy.

I made the following hybrid page for Maya's album. Then I realized I wanted a copy of it for Ethen's. I didn't have enough of the supplies left, but many designers are now providing digital papers in addition to their print. Crystal Wilkerson is one of these, and I was able to duplicate the page almost exactly for Ethen.

This page was made for FREE! Each Tuesday, DigiLovely is giving away a free template. You can have it too! Just go download it. And watch this site, in a couple of weeks I'll be making my debut with a free template that I've created. (I think May 31).

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