Monday, March 28, 2011

Maya's Quote of the Day

After banging her drumsticks (two wooden spoons) all over the house and on every piece of furniture she says, "Do you want an encore?"

This after I spent 2 hours at the hospital with the otolaryngologist trying to clear enough infection out of my ear to see the eardrum. After his failure, he sent me home with more drops and prospect of surgery to remove it tomorrow.

She also said, "Don't worry, Mom. I can take care of you with one hand and play with the other." Thanks, Maya, I'll pass.


Sharla said...

aw.. true mommy love. we miss her little quips! and YUCK... i hope you are doing better.. that does NOT sound like a good thing. major earache, huh? hope you feel better!

Jodi and Skott said...

Please be careful with that earache/infection! My aunt was just hospitalized, in a coma for 3 days due to an ear infection leading to meningitis in her brain. Very scary!
(not meaning to freak you out though, just don't let it carry on too long. Hope they get the right antibiotic soon!)
Love your posts about your new life in malaysia. Glad it has a few more comforts than Egypt :)

Cath said...

Geesh! Are you okay?? This sounds serious!