Thursday, February 24, 2011

I did it.

It's wild. My head still doesn't think this way yet, but I did try it. Drive on the left side of the road, I mean. Everything is pretty much opposite, fast lane and slow lanes are switched, blinker is on the right, and exits are on the left.

Dave is pretty much the designated driver, but he has a good month on me. haha
I drove to church Sunday morning, when we thought traffic would be at its lightest. I'd hate to drive in anything heavier. But Dave has safely navigated us to Chinatown and back twice.

Today on the way to the store at a red light Maya said, "Daddy, do you have a horn?" After he replied yes, she said, "then just honk and go." She apparently paid attention in Egypt, because that's exactly what Ibrahim would have done.

For me, I think I'll just steer clear of the Bentley and Ferrari that park in our apartment garage.


jessi said...

go, Shirlee! You brave woman! Thanks for continuing to post!!!

pkmilele said...

Just a thought- I like your clock off to the right on your blog page. I think you should leave a clock for everywhere you have lived...

Love reading about your experiences. Hope you and the fam are always safe. Becca is already dying to get over there (as am I!)!


Candace said...

Good luck with the driving, I couldn't do it, crazy! My parents just went to Australia and all I heard about was the crazy driving part and getting used to it. They've also been to Kuala Lumpar because my grandparents served their mission there. Good luck with everything, sounds like a fun place.