Sunday, January 23, 2011

Garrett Jon Braithwaite

My brother, Jared, and his wife have their new addition a few weeks early.

Niccole gave birth prematurely again, but we are thankful that he is doing so well. Weighing in at 3lbs. 3oz. (double the weight his sister, Taya, was), he is super sweet. I got to go to the NICU and see his tiny little form.

Mom and son are doing well. Daddy and daughter are proud. He totally looks like a Braithwaite baby and is definitely welcomed with love into our family.


Cath said...

I'm so glad he is doing well! What a sweetie. I hope their stay in the NICU is brief. I'll ask more when I see you.

Sarah said...

I'm so happy for them! So glad everyone is doing well. Sending our love...Sarah