Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Day

Dave and I took Maya to school this morning. She walked right in and gave her teacher, Miss Jan, a hug. She is so excited. I was super proud of her for being so confident and that no tears were shed (by anyone ;)

She is the only American in her class. The names of her classmates are: Omar, Remi, Isla, Immanuel, Eleora, Reem, Ege, Tommaso, Cian, Simone, Mert, Kailash, Sarah, Ayushi, and Yi Pin.


Shelly said...

Way to go Maya!!!

Sharla said...

She looks so grownup! I can't wait to hear what she had to say about it all! And I am SO proud of you for "no tears". I can't say the same. :)
Glad you are back safe. We miss you tons.

Cath said...

I haven't been here recently. My entire blogroll got dropped when I re-vamped our blog look. I've been slowly trying to add everyone. I'm sure Dave has loved having you guys home. How's the water situation? My girls LOVED these pictures of Maya's First Day of School. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your parents. We sure miss you!!!!