Sunday, July 18, 2010

Endicotts Visit

It has been a busy week for us with Brian and Shelly visiting. We tried to see as much as possible in the short week they were here, without dying of heat stroke. I was especially impressed that neither of them were attacked by Pharoah's curse, just mild discomforts here and there.

For a rundown on what we did see:
Day 1 - Pyramids and Sphinx
Day 2 - Maadi and Citadel
Day 3 - Khan and Sufi
Day 4 - Egyptian Museum
Day 5 - Church in Maadi
Day 6 - Saqqara and Dashur


Shelly said...

We left the cane. Total bummer!! Can you bring it in August? Will that just be a huge pain?!! Sorry.

Sharla said...

FUN! You can all thank me for taking all of the curse that the pharoah could muster while I was there! :( ugh. So glad you had a great time, I have loved the travelog and pics!! See you soon, Shir! :)

Shirlee said...

Shel, I haven't seen it. Where did you leave it?