Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday was disgusting. Maya looked out the window of the car and said, "I can't see where I'm going, it's too foggy!" No, sis, that is dirt, sand, pollution, and general all-around grossness. It is called Khamaseen. Actually somewhat of a season around here -- a season of hot, dusty, wind blowing through. If you follow the link, Wikipedia calls it "dreadfully oppressive." Yes, that is the correct description. Yuck.

Luckily, it is now June, and hopefully it is the end of the season.

I took these photos from the windows of my house. Ones facing East are taken from Maya's room, which show the neighborhood next door with their thousands of satellites and the cell tower (the tall palm tree) and a minaret. The pictures of the houses that look like ours are taken from my room upstairs facing West.

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Cath said...

Wow. OPPRESIVE for sure. That is crazy. Have things cleared a bit?

Darling pics from your last post Shir.