Friday, February 26, 2010

Desert Storm

So I guess it's the prophet Mohammed's birthday. Anyway, Dave had the day off yesterday for it. Allah has smiled upon the day (according to our Egyptian friends) since he sent rain. Boy did he ever. I didn't know that they had thunderstorms here, but last night we had one. Cairo only get's about 1" of rainfall, YEARLY. We received all of that and more last night. Since they aren't used to heavy rains, the flooding here is terrible. (It reminded me of New Orleans, only the don't have massive pumps to pump it out). The roads are all flooded.

Today on the way to church we drove through many parts that were flooded, one place almost 24" of water covered the highway. People don't know what to do, so they turn around on the freeway and drive against traffic. Many stalled cars, and down in the Khan al-Kahili market where I got my curtain material, cars were flooded up to their windows. I didn't take my camera to church, cause it's just one more thing to carry, but I snapped a couple on Dave's camera phone.

Oh, and the roof of our house leaks like a siv (sieve?) in our laundry room.

The rain turns this dusty city into a mud pit. I'm just thankful it washed all the pollution out of the air for a few days.

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Cath said...

Who-a. Sounds like just the thing to make traffic/life even MORE exciting! A flood! Glad Dave had a day off. Allah be praised! You're amazing Shir!