Friday, August 7, 2009



MariLouise said...

Shirlee! You are making me crazy with jealousy. We LOVE Zermatt. In fact, I'm convinced that we stayed in the Hotel Astoria, although I'm probably just remembering wrong, and no doubt they all have flower baskets in the windows. When we were there we saw a group of Austrian Olympic Ski Team members walking through the streets in their gear. I was so giddy that I ran up and took a picture, despite the tackiness. Have fun!!

Lauren said...

I am so tempted to go down south now after seeing this. This looks AMAZING! Maybe worth a ten hour drive?

Hopefully we will see each other in a few weeks.


Catherine said...

Okay. Drooling here. Zermatt looks so beautiful!! And the matterhorn! You guys are so good to take advantage of all of this while you can! The kids are so cute! We miss you!