Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma K come to visit!

We were excited to have Dave's parents with us for this past week. We had a little rainy weather, but it was still beautiful. Dave got to take a couple days off work to spend time with them.

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Steve and Ismari said...

OOOhhh ggeeeeez...are you trying to make me jealous or something? Well...it's worrrrkinggg!!! You sound like you are living a real life "Sound of Music" kind of life but in Switzerland. Green hills, singing, happiness, love....and to top it off....all you can eat chocolate!

We are loving reading about your Swiss Family Adventures! It's so fun seeing having your in-laws visit! They are sweet.

Good think for that guy that had your father-in-law on his flight...sounds like he own Dave's dad a box of chocolates himself!