Friday, February 13, 2009

Week 6

I can't believe six weeks has already passed since we've arrived. Though we've had some long days, the time sure does go by quickly. We've survived another 3 days with Dave being out of town. He traveled to Zug (near Zurich) for a board meeting this week. Hopefully now things will settle a bit with his work. Now it's everyone elses' turn to relocate and we can sit back like old pros.


Deb said...

I love to read and keep up on what you are doing there. The photos are great and I think about you guys often. Love to you guys this Valentine's Day!!

Lauren said...

I'm glad you have your stuff now. I love the way you blog. Do you make scrapbook pages then scan them or do you have an amazing photo shop? I love it!

BTW I read about your early contractions. I am glad you made it to 34 weeks - good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

Sarah holman said...

I am so happy that you finally got all your stuff. It really is amazing how much more a house feels like home when you finally have all your "stuff" in it.
I also hope you see a little more blue sky. I hate it when it is so cloudy all the time.
love you