Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pirate Booty

Arrr! Maya had fun being a pirate for Halloween.

She even said "trick or treat" when she asked for candy.

Checking out the booty!

Her mama.


Nicc said...

Cute! I can't believe how much she looks like you!!! Her hair is getting sooo long too, it's so cute. I can't wait to see you guys next week!

Deb said...

Alright....your costume is AWESOME! Maya is adorable! Glad you had a happy Halloween. See you soon!

Dean Family said...

I love you and Maya's pirate costumes! You look so cute with your little baby bump. Someone at church today said, " are starting to really stick out!" I had to grin and bare it, but inside I was crying. I have been lucky to hide it for so long, but not any longer.

Rachel said...

I think those are the two cutest pirates ever! I'm excited to see you soon!

Valina said...

You and Maya look great! Your so good to dress up too, I very seldom do. My kids are thinking they may be pirates next year(already planning a year in advance)!

LatinaMom said...

Hi Shirlee:
Finally I made my own blog,I would love to send you an invitation but I don't have your email address.
can you send it at mine?
Hopefully we get together before your trip.

The Busby Family said...

Shirlee you look great!!! You are so cute pregnant. Maya is adorable.