Friday, October 10, 2008

Swiss Chocolate anyone?

The company Dave works for, Transocean Inc., announced yesterday it's plans to relocate it's executive offices to Geneva, Switzerland. For us, this means that we will most likely be moving there in the next couple of months.

Parles-tu anglais? The language will be French, but I'm hoping for an extremely English-friendly environment.

I confess I had to get out a map to find Switzerland. Geneva is the home of the United Nations, the Red Cross, and the Olympic Committee.

A couple hours to Paris, a couple hours to the Alps, a couple hours to Germany -- start saving your pennies for a visit!

More information on the announcement here.


MariLouise said...

Shirlee--this is HUGE!! Aaaaa! Yesterday the Busbys announced a likely move to China, and now the K-tons are also fleeing the country. Wow. Geneva is SO beautiful. I am so jealous! We will definitely be coming to stay for long periods of time. :)

Sarah holman said...

I talked to my Dad this morning and he told me the news. That is so exciting! I also think you are very brave. I am not sure I could handle it. How long will you be there?

Me said...

wowee! You know we are saving our pennies for a trip out! We would LOVe to see Geneva ... and everything else that is "a couple hours away"! Congratulations to you guys - we hope to see you soon! Christmas plans?

Valina said...

Are you serious? That is so awesome! How long will you be there for? That is so far away from your families! I hope everything goes well fo you guys. To think you will have a child born outside of the U.S...What an adventure!

Rachel said...

Félicitations! Je suis très excité pour vous! Je vous visiterai en Suisse. Mais je devrai pratiquer mon français avant que je vais.

TR: Congratulations! I am very excited for you. I will come visity you in Switzerland. But, I will have to practice on my French before I go.

I think this is wonderful! What an exciting adventure for your family!

The Busby Family said...

Wow, that is great? We will have to meet somewhere when we find out where we will be. Congrats guys!!!

Dean Family said...

What an awesome adventure! I think it would take a lot of pennies to save, but how fun for a visit! How do you feel about all of this? Best of luck to your family-

Lauren said...

What amazing news!! That is my dream. We should have our HBS reunion there!

Emily Alexander said...

Sweet! Emily told me that you guys were probably moving to Geneva. We're very, very jealous. I haven't been to Geneva yet but loved Zurich.

Let me know if they're hiring and have need for a recovering lawyer.